I'm worried about my grades if I join; how are grades at Alpha Epsilon Pi?

It's a good thing you asked; we at AEPi are strong believers in the ideology that studying is a crucial part of college (sorry, but it is; without good grades, you might not be at the University very long, and then it's fun for no one, so we'd prefer to keep you around longer).  Our Brothers are in a variety of majors and we all take our academics very seriously.  This means that whatever class you take, the odds are someone in the fraternity has taken it, so someone is always available to provide help, plus old books and notes. No one in AEPi feels afraid to ask anyone else for help, because everyone is very open and always willing to help each other out.

What are the dues for AEPi?

The dues at AEPi are completely reasonable. The fraternity offers individual payment plans, and payment schedules, so that anyone that has financial difficulties can be involved. 

What if I'm unsure of rushing? Should I do it?

Our rush process is completely different from the rest of the Greek life here at Texas A&M. It will be a laid back time to get to know some different people. The rush process gives us and you an opportunity to see if we are a good fit. 

I'm really only joining a fraternity to get girls. What kind of social events do you have?


We have many social events throughout the semester that gives you the opportunity to meet girls. In addition, the brothers of Alpha Epsilon Pi also attend many social events throughout the community.

How about pledging?

Alpha Epsilon Pi is a nationally non-hazing fraternity, and we at Texas A&M University uphold this standard and policy. Pledging may involve a commitment of time, but at no point will we ever force or even ask you to do anything that is in any way dangerous, unsettling or that we ourselves wouldn't immediately do. Also, just like rushing, if you decide it's not for you, you are always free to leave, and no one will fault you -- it's your life, it's your college experience, and you should do what makes you have the best possible time.

What kind of time commitment should I expect?

The time commitment, like most other aspects of the fraternity, is wholly up to you -- you can participate in as many (or as few) activities and events as you desire. Conversely, the amount of activity you put forth is directly proportional to the amount of enjoyment you will likely receive; the more active you are, the more fond memories you will have, the more people you are likely to meet, the more fun you are likely to have, and the more overall experiences you are able to enjoy.

What else should I know about Alpha Epsilon Pi?

AEPi is one of the largest fraternities in the country (it is, we have real numbers to prove it). Joining AEPi, you get more than just a bunch of brothers, you get a family. The options of what you can do with your time here are limitless, and we seek to provide you with an even greater scope of things to choose from. You don't have to get involved in every aspect of the fraternity, but we try to provide every opportunity for you to get involved in the decisions, on-campus, and in other organizations. Most importantly, the brothers of AEPi are among the warmest and welcoming people in the world. The doors of our brothers apartments are always open (that's metaphorical, since summers are 100 degrees Fahrenheit; but obviously if you knock we will let you into the cool apartments), and the doors to every brother's room are always open as well. Do yourself a favor, come on out and meet us (during the summer, during the fall, during breaks, we don't care when), and we promise a more enjoyable and exciting college experience!

Have any more questions? If you have any that were not on this form, then visit AEPi National FAQ or contact us! If you are interested in Joining AEPi, click here!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why would I want to join a fraternity?

I can make friends fine on my own. Joining a fraternity is about much more than just making friends. While one of the biggest benefits of going Greek is that you form close, often lifelong friendships with the people you meet (who, like you, chose to go Greek, so you all have something in common that you are seeking), it also affords you many opportunities to meet people you otherwise wouldn't. There are over 56,000 students at Texas A&M University; all of them involved in classes, social activities and a variety of extracurricular activities, so oftentimes some freshmen are overwhelmed. Going Greek ensures you a large group of people to see and socialize with often, providing stability during a time of change for you. Moreover, the bonds you form with people in the fraternity (and other Greek organizations, such as sororities) are unique and special. You all join because of something that draws you to the Fraternity, and you will likely have more things in common than you would with the average person in your dorm or class.

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